About Me

Yeah, Mom saved my first drawing…never could figure out where my favorite black horse went when he turned the corner...still not sure. But he kept coming back! I kept drawing horses...and cars...and cowboys...until I found myself in art school, then in an advertising career as I continued to paint on the side.

As an illustrator, my advertising experience has taught me how to work with clients and how to be efficient in doing concept work, including storyboarding and concepts for ad layouts and social media messages. My line illustration style works very well for dramatic story-telling in books and comic-style books, as well as animation. I can get you many more samples if you are interested.

As you look at my oil paintings, I think you will agree that many of them have an "editorial" feel... so I have no hesitation about promoting myself as an illustrator AND fine artist. A picture is a picture, whether it's hanging on a wall or featured in an advertisement. It's all about the image, right? I have more paintings than are shown in this site, so let me know if you want to see more. And much of what I do is on a commission basis, so if you have a vision for a painting, or are interested in pricing of paintings on the site, let's talk!


Please get in touch to discuss any project or just to say "Hi"...

206 409 4124


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